My Nightly Skincare Routine

As I get asked a lot about how I take care of my skin, I’m finally sharing with you my nightly skincare routine!

Our Trip To The Maldives

Our first trip as a whole family was at the Maldives! Click on the image to read all about our stay at The St Regis Maldives!

My Mykonos Mini-Guide

Check the article for a mini guide on the best of Mykonos (click on the image)

Homemade Glow Mask

A 4 Ingredients recipe to do your own face mask (click on the image to read the full recipe)


Each tattoo that I have on me reminds me of a certain period in my life… (Click on the image to know about the meanings of my tattoos).

My Diet Tips

I don’t obsessively pay attention to what I eat, I never count calories, and I’m not a sports freak! (Click on the image to read the full article)

Letter To My Mom

You’re a wife, a mother, a grandma, a businesswoman, a cook, and a best friend… (Click on the image to read the full letter to my mom)

Let’s Hit The Slopes

Whether you’re an art lover, a fashionista or an adventurous soul, read the article to find out your perfect ski destination! (Click on image)

Will You Marry Me?

Back to how I said Yes along with some interesting ideas to propose this season! (Click on image to read the full article)

How I Got My Body Back

More than 21 Kg during my pregnancy. Read the article to know how I got rid of them after I gave birth (click on the image)