Our Trip To The Maldives

Do you know this feeling when you’re scrolling down your Instagram feed, and then you stop and stare at one of those breathtaking pictures and you’re like: “God! I want to be there right now!”. And then you read the location and almost every time it says: “Maldives”! Well, that’s exactly what you feel when you’re in the seaplane ready to land on one of Maldives’s Island.


George, Ayla and I spent a couple of days at the newly opened St Regis Maldives. At first, we were really worried about travelling with our 1 year old daughter. Is it safe? What are we going to do to entertain her there? Who will help us in looking after her? Will we be able to relax?

It turned out to be: MAGNIFICENT.

The resort was: safe, child-friendly, loaded with entertainments, and the staff was aware of every single minor detail we were thinking of.


Here’s a quick summary of our stay;

Day 1:

We got to the resort at like 5 PM. The whole staff was on the deck waving hello welcoming us! Just like in the movies haha… They gave us a quick tour of the island, and settled us into our room.

It wasn’t a room actually, it was a huge Beach Villa of 350 sqm! Extremely well decorated, very sophisticated high-tech designs (we could control our lives through their Ipad haha), a private butler, games and a crib for our little monster, and most importantly, a breathtaking view…

Shortly after settling in, our butler took us to dinner at ALBA, known for its Italian and Intercontinental cuisine. #YesPlease #Yummy

Day 2:

7:00 a.m. – Opened my eyes to the most peaceful sight: white sand, blue waters, birds, and the sound of the waves hitting the shore.

– Breakfast done, the kids center was waiting for little Ayla! The resort had planned for her a mini cooking session in their kids cuisine! So, we decorated some cupcakes (well mainly I decorated and she ate haha) – and then spent some time playing games and reading stories (obviously I read to myself, as Ayla was busy running around with the staff!)


– Ayla’s activities done, it was time for some rest at the beach and a major Pizza overdose for lunch at the resort’s Crust Bar.


– In the afternoon, the staff insisted that I try an anti-gravity yoga session (first time in my life), and here’s the result lol:


– 7 pm: Dinnertime. This time it was at Orientale! Japanese and Indian cuisine. (My favorite restaurant of the 4 available in the resort!)

Day 3:

Kicked the day off with a couples Spa after taking a dip in the Blue Hole, which is the most breathtaking Spa infinity pool that I’ve ever seen. Guys, wow!


We spent most of our day just enjoying the Maldivian vibe. By the beach, with coconuts… #notcomplaining



After lunch, the staff had prepared for us a surprise boat ride in the Indian Ocean, in search of some dolphins, a creature I’m passionate about.. Too bad for us, the sea wasn’t calm enough for us to spot any. But definitely worth the try as it was Ayla’s first boat ride ever!


For our last dinner, we had some Lebanese food at Cargo, another restaurant at the resort. Loved it also.

So that’s about it! One of the most amazing experiences ever! And to the St Regis staff reading this: Thank you for being so humble, and warm-hearted and hospitable. You made an island almost 12 hours away from where we come, seem like Home, literally!




St Regis Maldives Instagram Account: @StRegisMaldives






















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