My Nightly Skincare Routine

Hey girls! (And guys for those interested!)

As I get asked a lot about how I take care of my skin, I’m finally sharing with you my nightly skincare routine! Below are the steps I usually follow before going to sleep:


Step 1: Make-Up Removal

I usually use 2 products to remove my make up. One for the eyes, and one for the rest of my face. Why?  Simply because the eyes are more sensitive than the rest of the face. So for that area, I use products that include oil, which helps in removing the make up faster and with less pressure and irritation.

As for the face, I use milk-based products as they cleanse, and hydrate at the same time!

Left: Milk-based make-up remover ; Right: Oil based eye make-up remover


Step 2: Toning Lotion

Toner lotion is extremely important in cooling down your skin as well as opening up the pores.

Why? Simply because you need your pores well open before applying creams for maximum absorption and results!

Use the product on a cotton, and tap on the skin of your face gently.



Step 3: Glow-Boosting serum

Here comes the main step! Boosting the glow of your skin all while hydrating it.  I use the glow boosting cream every night, to give back to the skin its initial glow and lighten it up!

Why? Simply because make-up in general affects your skin glow, and you definitely want to give it back!



Step 4: Under-Eye cream

In my case, this is a very important step as I have started dealing with dark circles after giving birth and staying up almost every night with my baby! (Even until now!)

Apply your under-eye cream and make sure the area absorbs it well… don’t forget your eye lids! I usually alternate between eye cream products and haven’t stuck to one in specific, but I’m currently using one by Lancôme !



And tadaaa! You’re ready to end the night! Haha

Stay tuned you guys as I’ll be posting more about my favourite facial masks, day routine, morning routine, and more!




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