How I Got My Body Back

All I know is that I took 21 Kg! How? When? Why?? I honestly don’t have the answer. And to tell you the truth, this was only at the beginning of my 9th month. After that, I was too scared to step on the scale!

I never imagined that it was humanly possible to take 1/3 of your initial weight in 5 months. But, girls, everything is possible!


I used to literally eat everything that was in front of me. Even my husband got scared for his life at some point! Everything that didn’t mean much to me before pregnancy was sacred to me during pregnancy: Nutella, Cakes, Hamburgers… You name it!


When I got back home, 3 days after the delivery, I felt like Gisele Bundchen: Skinny and sexy. However, I went up on the scale and there it was: I had only lost 4 kg! This was beyond discouraging …BUT not for long. How and Why? Read my below regimen for some tips!


1-Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding is crucial for your baby since it contains essential antibodies that will help your child build a strong immunity. Moreover, it is good for you as it lowers you risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and it helps your uterus shrink back to its original size.


2-Healthy Food: I made sure to follow a very healthy and balanced diet. Breakfast: oatmeal with almond milk, bananas, and honey. Lunch: a veggie soup, with a sole or salmon fish filet. Snack: a plate of fruits or a bowl of Meghleh. Dinner: a big salad with avocados, boiled eggs or halloumi cheese on top of it.


3-Massages: Water retention still persists in many cases post pregnancy. So 4 weeks after I gave birth I did 3 hours of massages per week. This too helped the weight loss process.


 4-When you undergo a C-section, you can’t do any physical activity before 6 weeks! I was counting the days until I could start jogging! And when the time came, I did it religiously. One hour of jogging, 4 times per week. Not only did this help me with the weigh loss, it also helped me a lot psychologically.960x500-mixed-1

Finally, you need to think positively: The post pregnancy weight loss is not easy; it needs a lot of patience and time. But remember that this is temporary. Do not lose hope and succumb to unhealthy food. Talk to your family and friends about what and how you’re feeling; strengthen yourself through them if needed. Finally and most importantly, stay physically active. I hope the above tips were of any help to you – I know they were in my case!


Nour xxx




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