My Diet Tips

After the Q & A session that I held last week, I realized that one of the subjects that interests you guys the most is how I managed to get back to my initial weight just a few months after giving birth.

I’m not going to lie to you: I don’t obsessively pay attention to what I eat, I never count calories, and I’m not a sports freak! Below you’ll find a few tips that I follow, in order to try maintaining a healthy weight!


1- Morning Secret Recipe:

First thing I do when I wake up is: either drink warm water with lemon or eat 2 kiwis (both of them are known to burn fat). After that, I always have a fulfilling breakfast. I literally eat whatever I want in the morning. You name it: chocolate cake, eggs, bread, cheese, peanut butter and biscuits… I think that this meal is supposed to be your cheat meal of the day. You’ll have the whole day to burn those fatty calories!

2- Healthy Snacking:

Between meals, instead of eating chips and roasted nuts (which are my favorites btw) I try to stack some healthy snacks at home: cereal or protein bars, almonds, berries, and healthy juices. These will keep me alive till my next meal, without eating junk!


3- Pick one big meal only:

Now, for my lunch and dinner I usually think strategically (lol). If I know that my husband and I are going out at night, I’ll have a VERYYY light lunch. My favorite options are: a piece of grilled fish in the oven or a piece of meat with baked potatoes and a salad. This way when we’re out at night, I won’t feel guilty about sharing a pizza, pasta or fries!

If I know that we’re staying home, I eat whatever I want for lunch, and then at night either have a salad or (and this is my favorite one in Summer) I have a huge bowl of yogurt with a pinch of dried mint and some cucumbers! Not only is this delicious and light, but it is also fulfilling, refreshing, and burns fat!

4- Portions are Key:

All of what I said above is useless if you don’t pay attention to portions. Yes, I do eat from all types of food, but no I don’t binge. I almost never do. I always make sure that my portions are normal (not too small; not too big). I eat slowly and stop eating immediately when I feel full.  For instance, If I feel like having a pizza, I don’t go for an entire one. I go for half of the portion. If I feel like having a chocolate, then I eat half a bar. I truly consider this is one of the main reasons why I maintain a healthy weight… And I advise you all to do the same!


Finally, I try to jog 2 to 3 times per week, but this doesn’t always work (mommies you’ll understand)! 















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