It Takes Courage

Those of you who know me, probably already know that I truly believe that simplicity is timeless, and is the best version of beauty. This is why I felt I could relate to Ray-Ban, as a brand in general. It is authentic, simple, practical and iconic. This brand has an indisputably massive history behind it, and has proven to be timeless indeed. As I had mentioned in one of my articles on Vintage items 5 months ago, I still wear my mother’s Ray-Ban sunglasses which are over 30 years old.

Having said this, you can now understand why I was thrilled to be part of the worldwide campaign for 2016. Ray-Ban took the market by storm when it introduced the Spring Summer collection 2016, where new shapes were introduced all while maintaining the authenticity and historical identity of the brand.



I have personally picked 2 pieces from this collection, which I am currently wearing: The Clubround, and The Gatsby – I honestly relate to those 2 pieces the most.


The Clubround:

As you already know, I am a big fan of the Bohemian style, and those shades fit more than well with it. I also find them to be the perfect combo for an intellectual yet cool and laid-back vibe. The frame, the colors, the lenses, the boldness … those shades have character and uniqueness.



The Gatsby:

This high-brow shape took me back in time to the initial Ray-Ban’s iconic frame. Yes, they are revamped and pumped up, but things were kept real in here. So, I felt like wearing something that reflects the brand’s history and heritage. Something that is more of a signature. That’s why I picked those shades.




The Campaign

Now regarding the global campaign, Ray-Ban has decided to make it revolve around “Courage”. So you’ll be seeing on social media the hashtag #ItTakesCourage trending. I personally loved that the main focus of the campaign is genuine and deeper than aesthetics and appearance. Below are the 2 messages I’ll be focusing on from my side:



The courage to open your heart: It takes courage to be vulnerable and susceptible in the name of love. To be transparent, to get hurt, to get healed, and to fall in love again.



The courage to never give up. It takes courage to dream big, and even more courage to fight every single obstacle until you realize that dream. To fall, in front of all eyes, and to rise again.



Credits: All of the Ray-Ban items are available in Lebanon at ‘L’Optique’ (all branches) – for more information, visit their Instagram page @loptique.






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