Top 5 Accessories That Will Pimp Up Your Look

I personally, was never an “Accesorries” kind of girl, but this year I fell in love with what the designers had to offer. Below, I’ll be talking about the 5 accessories that you should definitely have in your drawers.

Bring out your Chokers girls!

We saw them in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. They were everywhere! Etro, Valentino, Selman, Vauthier, Chanel Dior, Lanvin… They all used them but in very different ways!

I think that Chokers are definitely one of the biggest trends for this summer. Personally, I’m getting addicted to them. Am I to blame? They will give you an elegant yet rock and roll feel, the best combination in the world!


Chain Up Your Bodies

These body chains usually come in an X shape! We saw them as very heavy and masculine metal chains (in Alexandre McQueen). I think that these androgynous pieces should be styled with very feminine dresses. I’ve always been in love with this feminine/masculine contradiction.

You can also find very cool, but lighter body chains at Zara.


Let Your Earrings Touch Your Shoulders

Gucci, Armani, Celine, McQueen, Gucci, Kenzo… They all had those huge earrings brushing the model’s shoulders during their shows! These elongated earrings will give you a bohemian feel, which is absolutely dreamy. If you dare to go crazy, you can also wear one huge earring instead of two, or even mix and match two different pairs.



Ankles Shouldn’t Feel Too Lonely

This Western trend was brought back from the 20th century. We saw these accessories in Chloe and Marc Jacobs. There is nothing more feminine than ankle bracelets! I personally love wearing them at the beach! Although we have seen them in gold during the runway shows, I would personally wear them in a more colourful and playful way!



Ibiza On Your Wrists

We heard a lot of Jamaican and reggae music during the Fashion Shows, that makes you want to be playful and dress in a colorful way. I’m personally crushing over these handmade bracelets that I bought in the streets of Santorini and Ibiza. Make sure to wear them when you’re tanned with whatever you would like! (I personally prefer them with a pair of denim shorts and white t-shirt!)


So girls, which one of those is your favorite ?







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