The 5 Super Hot Denim Brands You Should Know About

Whether on the runways or on the streets, I assume that you all have noticed that denim is literally everywhere. And I’m definitely not complaining!!! My pairs of denim are the most important items in my closet. They have their own space; they are sorted by cuts and washes, and I NEVER throw any away because whichever pair is out of trend today, it won’t be in a couple of years!


Today, I want to share with you 5 of the hottest Denim brands that I am currently crushing on. Some you might have heard of, and some are less commercial but up and rising!

1- Joe’s Jeans: The Rock n’ Roll Kinda Girl

Designer Joe Dahan always tries to give a Rock n Roll yet feminine feel to his designs. What I love the most about this brand that I’ve been wearing for a while now is how it fits flawlessly on the body. Moreover, since Joe uses a lot of Japanese denim, you’ll notice how soft and comfortable they are.

Left: The Icon Ankle, Right: The icon Gaucho

And ….Bella Hadid has collaborated with Joe’s recently. So she’s going to be designing items for them #JustSaying .



2- Mc Guire: Oh So Feminine! 

I discovered this brand last year, and I’ve fallen in love with it! Mc Guire is one of the most feminine denim brands, adding a retro twist to it. They have one of the nicest inspired 70’s cut flared cut called The Majorelle flared. This season they have featured in their styles a lot of raw, undone hems (my biggest denim crush this year!).

The Bessette Culotte
Left: The Newton Skinny, Right: The Majorelle Flared


3- Strom: Effortless Beauty 

This Swedish/ American Brand will make you look right on point without trying too hard. I’m personally crushing on their Low Slung Boyfriend and their Tolv flare Tuft (pics below). The latter is what we call a French boyfriend, which is slightly fitted.

Left: TOLV Flare Tuft, Right: Low Slung Boyfriend

Strom is growing so fast and is being worn by some of the biggest names like Cameron Diaz and Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway & Cameron Diaz both wearing STROM 


4- R13: Rebels 

This one is for the rebels out there. Strong and independent women wear R13. When I think about this brand I think: True Blue American Denim. Their best cut is definitely the extra skinny legs. It is really sexy, and I would personally wear it with an oversized shirt. Oh and one of their best wash is the vintage blue with a splash of paint on it.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing R13

5- RTA: Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Man 

RTA or Road To Awe, is the perfect combination of feminine and androgynous/masculine. “The RTA girl is confident, and what she wears is only to enhance her thoughts”. She is who she is. And doesn’t wait for clothes to define her. I’m currently crushing over the 2 below skinny jeans (Icon Raw Hem & Jagger Frayed Skinny). I love the slit hem in the first picture, as well as the destroyed hem in the second one. I honestly can’t decide on which of the two to purchase!

Left: The Icon Raw Hem, Right: The Jagger Frayed Skinny
Kendall Jenner spotted wearing RTA



I hope this could help you pick your best denim pair for your next acquisition!











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