The Opening of the Year

Saying that Tony Salame is a genius, a mastermind, or an inspiration is just an understatement. This year, Aishti celebrates both its 25th birthday and the inaugural of the Aishti Foundation, designed by the renowned architect David Adjaye. Massimiliano Gioni, the artistic director at the New Museum (New York), assembled the first exhibition called “New Skin”.


The opening ceremony was out of this world! It revolved around an oriental theme, which was perfect to welcome the guests attending from all around the world! Curators, artists, political figures and customers discovered for the first time the art collection, and enjoyed some delicious Lebanese delicacies while dancing the night away.



The Importance of the Foundation in Our country

Beyond all aesthetic and architectural aspects of the building, and the huge opening that stirred Beirut and its socialite, I find the presence of this foundation to have a deeper benefit. I strongly believe that this gallery has a very rich educational value to our society. It introduces citizens to the international arts scene. It also illustrates the importance of artistic talents, training the younger generations to appreciate such works. The existence of such a grand gallery in such a small country will have an outstanding cultural impact, which I’m sure will become more tangible in a few years.




My Favorite Art Pieces

Every piece of Art present at the “New Skin” exhibition was to die for! I personally fell in love with the below work by the Swiss sculpture Urs Fischer! This dramatic sculpture is what I call a statement piece!


Another one of my crushes is the sculpture of Alice Channer “New Skin”, that actually inspired the title of the opening of the Foundation. This fantastic artist is known to manipulate 3D objects into flat surfaces.


Have you visited the foundation yet? If you haven’t make sure to do so, and don’t forget to share your thoughts!





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