My Current Top 5 Lipsticks

Girls!! this one is for you!

Since most of you might have already noticed my favorite make-up item is lipstick. I honestly think that you can have a VERY natural make-up, even no make-up at all, however, lipstick is crucial. It makes the whole difference!

Below, I’ll be sharing with you my 5 favorite lipsticks, along with some tips on who should wear it and how! (sorted from lighter to darker)



1-The Dior Addict Lip Glow

Color: Lilac 005 – If you want to go for a pinkish nude color, this is the perfect one for summer! It only enhances your natural lips color.

Texture: It looks different on every person since the color will react with the chemistry of each lip. Plus, there’s a tinge of shine to it!

Skin Tone: I usually like these colors on dark skins, however, it will suit tanned light skins as well!

How To Wear It? I would only go for this color during the day!



2-The Chanel Rouge Coco

Color: Mademoiselle 434 – A bit darker from the one above, a sober, rosewood color.

Texture: What I love the most about it is that it perfectly hydrates your lips! And it also has a dash of shine!

Skin Tone: This color suits all types of skins – both lighter and darker skins!

How To Wear It? I love wearing it during the day of course, when I’m not in the mood for something strong!



3-The L’Oreal Collection Exclusive by Blake

Color: Blake’s Pure Red – This is the perfect, bright, flashy, yet sober red. I think that you all agree that Red Lipstick is definitely the sexiest! It gives both a romantic and sharp impression at the same time.

Texture: Slightly matte.

Skin Tone: In my opinion, it equally suits white and dark skins, and this is what I love about it!

How To Wear It? I have no rule for red lipsticks; I use it day and night! And since I wear a lot of black, this color is perfect to lighten up my outfit.



4- The Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush

Color: Number 11 – the perfect balanced mix of the red and purple, the soft Burgundy!

Texture: The Kiss and Blush texture is by far the best that I have EVER tried! It’s neither very matte, nor very shiny; it’s not too thick or too liquid! You should definitely try it, even if it’s in another color.

Skin Tone: I think that this particular color suits lighter skins!

How To Wear It? I wear it during the day and night depending on my outfit!



5-The M.A.C Special Edition

Color: Matte Sin – A supremely dark burgundy which might actually be confused with black.

Texture: Perfect Matte.

Skin Tone: I would say, that it might fit all types of skin tones; especially that it is a statement color.

How To Wear It? Rock and Roll and edgy girls this one is for you! However, I strongly advise you to only wear it during the night and maybe in winter not summer!


So, that’s about it! Let me know which one’s your favorite by leaving a comment here or on Instagram @nfornour!






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