My 1st Fashion Week Experience

‘Glamour, inspiration, and excitement’ – that was Paris Fashion Week to me. 6 days, 7 shows… a week to remember! As a fashion buyer, I used to arrive at destination as soon as the fashion week would end, in order to place orders and check the collections of the fashion houses. So you could imagine how excited I was to experience the other side of the road, and assist to the runway shows, this time as a blogger.


It literally took me hours to prepare myself and get to the show on time, especially with the busy traffic in Paris during this week. However, the adrenaline rush you get arriving at the doors of the show and waiting for the first model to hit that runway, makes it all worth it, and more. (Oh and it’s that same adrenaline rush that kept me from freezing there! Lol)

Below I’ll be showing you what I found to be the TOP looks from each of the shows I assisted to. Plus, you’ll get to see what I wore to all those shows!


Claire Wright-Keller astonished us once again with her dazzling collection. Edgy rock-n-roll, heavy outerwear, and bohemian chic; I don’t think that there is one piece that I wouldn’t want in my closet for next winter!




The Dior show was definitely one of the most impressive ones! With the huge tunnel we were sitting in, the upbeat music, the dark lips, and the huge sunglasses; it felt like we were transported to a futuristic universe!


Elie Saab

The girls’ walk was accompanied by a live performance by MO and that was absolutely amazing! The Elie Saab show was all about a gypsy-style rhapsody. Velvet, fringes, lace, silk, hats, and capes…




A very laid-back collection for next winter, with oversized cuts (which I adore!) In fact, there were a lot of flared pants, long shirts, and tunics. I also absolutely loved the combination of colors available: a lot of white, sunshiny yellow, blue, and camel.


Rabih Keyrouz

A lot of androgynous tailoring! The collection consisted of suits, overalls, and long dresses! I loved the color combination chosen by Keyrouz: a lot of red, black, blue and white!



Stella McCartney

Apart from her incredible collection (all based on Vegan materials of course), the Opera Garnier gave a magical feel to this show. Puffy jackets, plisse silk tops and dresses, tie-dye denim, as well as the repetition of the Swan motif… Oh Stella! Come live with me please!!


Sonia Rykiel

De Libran has been doing a great job so far. In her Fall/Winter collection, she used a lot of stripes, furs, flared pants, denim as well as see-through materials! She also used an eye-catching print which is a collage of the Rykiel Women’s faces (Sonia, the Founder, her daughter Nathalie, her Granddaughter Lola as well as De Libran and Cardelus-the collage artist).



My Looks For The Shows:

  1. For Stella, I wore a Stella McCartney Dress, Balenciaga Leather Jacket, Olympia Le Tan clutch, and Saint Laurent biker boots.



2. For Sonia Rykiel, I wore a Sonia Rykiel black velvet overall!


3. For Celine, I wore an Alessandra Rich overall with a Charlotte Olympia bag!


4. For Chloe, I wore an embellished black vintage Chloe dress, open from the sides and a Sara Battaglia fur clutch.



5. For Dior, I wore a Vintage Dior blazer with a pair of flared pants!


6. For Elie Saab, I wore an Elie Saab long black dress with cuts…


7. For Rabih Keyrouz, I was in a striped blue and white Rabih Keyrouz oversized dress with side pockets.



Oh and I insist on sharing with you a shot from my photoshoot where i was photobombed by a passenger on the street (Hahaha) !


I finally want to take the time to thank each one of you  for the continuous support you have been giving me… You make me want to achieve my dreams!





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