Love Unites

“I know this won’t change the world, but I also know it will surely make a difference. I really hope that love will actually unite us all this time, for the sake of those children.”

I’m sure that you almost all agree that the most magical time of the year is Christmas! As soon as the malls are decorated, the roads are lit and the radios start playing Christmas carols, I get some sort of positive vibe.

In the past years, I have always tried to help in one way or another. However, this year it’s different for me. I look at Ayla, my daughter and think: “How lucky is she? She’s always warm, always full, always pampered by her dad, grandmas, grandpas, aunt and uncle and myself.” Then I think: “I also know that there’s a baby girl, who was maybe born at the same time and in the same city as Ayla, but who is currently cold, hungry, and definitely not pampered as much as my daughter!” This is where I realise how life is unfair.



This is why I decided to launch a Christmas Campaign called: “Love Unites”. With the help of my manager Bouchra, we gathered a select group of respected influencers in the Middle East in order to pass the message on. I needed people who believed in this cause and I was so lucky and grateful to have had the chance to work with such amazing souls. We collaborated with Sesobel and Basma; two Lebanese NGO’s whose work is mainly concentrated on improving the well being of children in Lebanon.

We made a call for action. And we succeeded. Thanks to our amazing followers, we were able to draw smiles on innocent faces. And that’s the biggest gift anyone could have offered us.




** Thank you Lana for blindly believing in this cause and for your continuous kindness.


** Thank you Rami for supporting this cause amidst your numerous travels this season.


**Thank you Rita for the energy and positivity you put into this campaign.


**Thank you Sayde for the amazing shots you took and for keeping you up late at the studio!


**Thank you Bouchra for everything!



Much love to every single person who helped us out!



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