Krikor Jabotian – Behind The Scenes

It was love at first sight. After a short 20-minute meeting in his Tabaris Atelier in Beirut, I knew he was the one. I had decided spot on that Krikor Jabotian would be designing my wedding dress – him and no one else!

Krikor is what I call a success story. At only 29, he has dressed the likes of Queen Rania and Regina King for the Red Carpet, and he has designed some of the most beautiful wedding dresses all around the world. As hard as it is to believe, he achieved this great success without a PR Manager and without ever paying for an ad campaign. He believes that the most important ad is to dress the right women at the right events – and this is what will get people talking.

Humble, yet confidant, Krikor is a big fan of Maison Valentino. He is in love with the image, the history, as well as the person behind the legendary Italian fashion house. When I asked him about his favorite Lebanese designers, he replied without hesitation: “Rabih Kayrouz and Elie Saab. I owe a lot to Rabih, he is the one who launched me, and one of the few who present a full RTW (Ready-to-Wear) collection every season. I respect his work a lot. As for Elie Saab, he creates magic, and every woman on earth dreams of wearing one of his creations at least once in her lifetime.”

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Creating the Perfect Wedding Dress

When Krikor starts creating a wedding dress, he is first inspired by a woman’s silhouette, her body shape. According to him, the volume of the dress is one of the most important features, but he also keeps the following in mind: people will always scrutinize the details of the dress during the wedding.

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In my case, my wedding dress had a dramatic shape, a “Princess” cut, with a 2.5- meter train, which is within accepted norms. Contrary to what people think, my dress was light and whimsical. In Krikor’s opinion, the bride should be at ease at all times, in order to be able to dance, move freely and enjoy herself.

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When discussing the color of my dress, Krikor insisted on me not having a white dress. He preferred to use a darker base (blush color), with lighter embroideries and embellishments in order for the patterns to pop out.

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Krikor used Dentelle Chantilly (Sophie Alette) for my dress. It’s a very thin type of lace. As for the embroidery of the dress, it was handmade and inspired by Ottoman culture. The whole dress was also embellished with beads, sequins and pearls, the whole forming a dramatic floral shape.

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Headpieces are an important part of the look, according to Krikor. “This is your day. You should have a hairdo that is different from all of the guests.” So, in his opinion, it is crucial for the bride to wear a headpiece, especially when she removes her veil.

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I asked Krikor to give brides-to-be some headers before reaching out for the perfect dress. Below is his brief guide:

  1. Choose the venue of the wedding (The latter might influence the concept behind the dress)
  2. Set the number of guests (This might influence the shape and mood of the dress)
  3. Find out what dress shape you prefer (Since many designers, like Krikor, only produce haute couture wedding dresses, he always advises the bride to try several gown shapes in commercial stores, in order to see what fits her best.)
  4. Determine your budget

And remember that the ideal time for a bride to start creating her wedding dress is six months prior to the big day. The fashion designer needs time to work slowly and to be able to do as many fittings as possible before the big event.




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  1. The dress was beyond beautiful, no wonder he considers it to be a masterpiece! 😉
    Thumbs up to Krikor Jabotian and good luck on your new journey with your adorable little baby girl 🙂

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