Hairstyle Ideas For Your Occasions This Summer

I don’t know about you guys, but my husband and I are invited to 7 weddings this summer… until now! And I’m super excited especially that one of my best friends is getting married in 3 weeks!

Now, let’s talk business. I am 100 % with trying new hairstyles for weddings this summer, so below, I’m going to show you some of my favorite ones.


By now, I guess that you already noticed that I’m in love with braids. I think that they give you a romantic, boho and edgy look all at the same time!

1-This is one of my favorites! I find the below hairdo so romantic and chic! You will definitely stand out during the night!


2-This hairstyle is perfect if you are looking to somewhat keep your hair down and if you are not wearing a backless dress. I love how all the braids seem intertwined together giving the impression of being a loose ponytail.


3-Side braids and a bun – the perfect combination for an elegant look at a wedding! The side braid can be thick or thin depending on your preferences and the length of your hair.


Attached hair

What I love about wearing your hair up is that neither heat, nor dancing will get in your way!

1-Ponytails are back. But this time, in a more modern way! If you have very long hair, I would go with a low ponytail. You can also add some very cool accessories to your hair; look at how cool it is!


2-This category goes for girls with either short or long hair, but who have nice ears (not me, haha). I literally fell in love with Rooney Marra’s double ponytail in the picture below! It gave her such an edgy look!960x500-hair-3

3-High buns! If it’s done in a very natural way then it’s a go go for me! I am seriously considering trying one of these 2 hairdos this summer.


Hair worn down

Now the below is for all of the girls who don’t want to go crazy!

1-If you want to give a rock and roll impression, this is the option you should opt for! AND, don’t forget to go for smokey-eyes make up! I wanted to try the wet look last summer but I didn’t have the courage. I’ll definitely try it this year!


2-I’m sure that you’ve seen this hairdo all over social media during fashion week. I wasn’t a fan at first, but it’s really getting to me now! If you think about it, it is the perfect combination of having your hair down and up at the same time. However, I don’t advise it if you have short hair.


3-I stumbled upon this picture yesterday and I loved it! This hairdo is inspired from Greek goddesses! Love this!


And finally, if you’re not into hairdos at all (which I understand) just go with a simple brushing! I would definitely go for natural waves (let the hairdresser use a brush and not a hair straightener).






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