Christmas Gifts Inspirations

I know it’s always difficult finding “out of the box” gift ideas. So, in the hopes of making things easier for myself as well as you, check the ideas in this article! (click on the image to read more)

My Beirut

Yes, my heart was torn when I heard about what happened in Paris. Paris is my second home. And my heart was torn again when the 243 victims of the night before in Beirut were practically ignored by the international press and the global community. So, let me dedicate this post to my beautiful Beirut. And to all my non-Lebanese followers, meet a part of me: my beautiful country.

Ayla’s World

Click on the image in order to know more about our baby girl, Ayla’s world: room, decoration and preparations!

N for New Curves

As soon as I started my 20th week of pregnancy, all this came to an end. I felt the drastic changes in my body almost overnight, and to be honest, I did not accept them easily … (click on the picture to read the full article)