5 Items Every Woman Should Own

You buy them today, You wear them forever.

Throughout the years I have learned that there are items worth investing your money in! They will be of use today, next year, and 10 years from now!


1-A Leather Jacket

I have purchased a Leather Jacket at the beginning of this season and rest assured: I have literally worn it every single day since then. Whether on a pair of denim, on a wool dress, or even on a cocktail dress, this Jacket always gives me an edgy look, which I adore!

I would suggest you opt for the one with zippers instead of a very classic one! Trust me you will never regret this acquisition. Every penny you pay on such an item serves you for years.


2-A Pinky Ring

Pinky rings are my obsession! Yes, some of you might tell me that it’s a trend that comes and goes. I agree, it is. I have even found a picture of my mom wearing one 20 years ago. But, let’s face it there’s nothing sexier than a woman wearing one!

I always wear mine next to my wedding band!

I just have one small tip for you: if you’re customizing it, try to have it in a mixture of two colors (either white and gold or pink and gold), this way you can mix and match it differently with your jewelry. Such an item can remain with you literally forever, and you can pass it on to your grandchildren!



3-A Pair of Leather Pants

I have been in this Industry for a while now, and not one season has passed without the presence of skinny leather pants. My mom still wears hers that she bought 15 years ago! They usually come in black, navy, burgundy, grey or Khaki. However don’t even think twice: Go for black.

They’re super easy to wear! I wear mine during the day mostly with a cotton t-shirt, or a blazer and a pair of sneakers.


4-A pair of Skinny Navy Blue denim 

Some of you might tell me that it’s not the trend this Season, and that flared denim are back! I couldn’t agree more, but regardless, I personally can’t and won’t live without my classic J brand jeans.

Don’t get me wrong, I love flared pants, and you have seen me wearing them a lot this winter. However, I don’t find them practical to wear during the day. I’m a sneakers kind of person and we all know that: flared pants mixed with sneakers = catastrophe. So, trust me invest in a nice pair of raw navy blue denim, they’ll come in handy!



5-A Classic Black Bag

Whether you have 1, 2 or 15, if you take good care of them, such bags will be passed on from one generation to another. You can’t go wrong in this category. I have 3 Classic black Bags. One very small cross bag, another medium sized, and a bigger one. They are the only ones that I wear on a daily basis!


For me, the above 5 items are worth investing your money in. They will be useful for years to come, and whenever they get out of trend for a season or two, they almost always make their grand entrance again!





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